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There’s just something about this small town, the air, the energy, the pace of the place and the pace of the people wandering around. Everyone gives themselves permission to reduce their speed when they arrive here. And I love it.
- Damien Rice
It’s one of the only times the band has gone somewhere to do a television performance and changed their flights and stay. We just felt there was something very music-friendly and the band kind of woke up at the end of a tour and usually you go to sleep at the end of a tour.
- Aaron Dessner, The National
When I got here I felt blown away. It felt really moving and I don’t know why. I’m connected to this place.
- Patty Griffin
I suppose people might describe it as a sense of arriving. You’re arriving home. It’s a very intimate, very exciting, very electric time, which is also accentuated by where you are in the world and where you are in Ireland. That’s particular to Other Voices. You can find elements of that elsewhere, but I’ve never done a festival or something that has quite that same feeling.
- Hozier
My dream Irish checklist in my head was to play the Olympia and play The Church at Other Voices. That was my Irish bucket list. I’ll go out of my way anytime to be here.
- Dermot Kennedy
Dingle made an impression not just on me, but the whole crew. We’ve travelled so much and seen so many places, and it’s not a secret that Ireland is my favourite place. During the weeks and months after, everyone was dreaming of coming back and wondering when we are going back?
- Sigrid
There’s no better way we’d rather end this magnificent year than come to Dingle and look up at the moon and the stars.
- Guy Garvey, elbow
Rarely has one place played host to so many cherished memories as this town and this festival. We played in a small pub on the circuit there years ago and were lucky enough to be mesmerised by a performance from Gilla Band live-streamed to a telly in a pub next to the church. It was one of the most exciting things I’d ever seen.
- Grian Chatten, Fontaines D.C.
Other Voices holds a very special place in our hearts. It’s something I grew up watching on telly when I was really young, and I was exposed to so many amazing bands because of it. There’s something about the atmosphere in Dingle that you can’t replicate. Everyone is in a tiny town in Kerry having this same beautiful shared experience, which I think really sets the festival apart from any other in the world. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve spent so much time there, but it really does feel different to most.
- Tom Coll, Fontaines D.C.
It’s hard to sum up Other Voices. It is ever evolving. It moves with the ebbs and flows of consumption trends and technology. I can tell you that it is remarkable in the landscape of music platforms because it is born of love, and that human connection is at the heart of it. I can tell you that my annual trips to Dingle make me feel more porous, more open, more alive. I leave bolstered, my sense of who I am more intact.
- Annie Macmanus

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