Spotify Takeover | Meltybrains?

Spotify Takeover | Meltybrains?

July 3, 2019

Sim Simma Soundsystem, Kraftwork, Rosalía and many more as selected by Meltybrains?

Meltybrains? are known for their captivating, imaginative electronic soundscapes and their highly theatrical live performances which are packed - from start to finish - with an infectious and incendiary energy. Meltybrains? have garnered a reputation for their unabashed creativity, picking up a loyal following that has helped them sell out shows across Ireland, the UK and the US. Here are their Spotify selections and a few words about their choices. Enjoy!


Abusey Junction by Kokoroko

This song takes me to a calm state of mind where every tiny detail just clicks together, so beautiful and satisfying.

Man Like Me by Sim Simma Soundsystem

This is my anthem of the year. It’s such a joy to witness Ben, Frankie, Denise, God Knows and rest of our Sim Simma crew work together so organically. The lyrics are vital, the beat is killer, and those chords just get me everytime.

Hype Williams Meets Shangaan Electro by Hype Williams

I’m a big fan of compilations, especially when it brings different artists together to experiment and create something that feels different. I’ve always been inspired by Hype Williams too.

Leaned Out by IAMDDB & Inka

I can jam to this song anytime, anywhere. The vibe fits so comfortably between slow, downtempo jazz and hyped up trap. IAMDDB’s improv vocals float so perfectly over it.

Welcome To The Chi by DJ Rashad

Footwork is one of my favourite genres, and DJ Rashad was the greatest to ever do it. It was an honour have worked with him. Extra points for the Kanye samples in this one.


He by Jai Paul

It's very easy to get obsessed with Jai Paul and Michéal certainly did for a while. A lot of myth surrounds him but, fortunately, it's backed up by some absolutely brilliant music. Hopefully his return won't be as brief as his first coming.

Hey Ma by Bon Iver

I’ll Be You, Be Me by Glen Hansard

Poundshop Kardashians by Sam Fender

Distant Light by Jimpster

Takeover: Meltybrains?


Wildflowers by Soccer Mommy

Trouble - Parts I, II and III (Chapter V) by Leon Vynehall

The album that this piece is off sound tracked my winter and has had a pretty big effect on the music I've been writing since. The atmosphere and the soundworld created on this album is uncanny - a really unique record.

Berlin by Heroes In Hiding

I wanted to include an Irish song and this seemed pretty apt! Apart from that, I think this is a great song. Had it on repeat when it came out and I think the intelligent, honest lyrics convey an idea that a lot of young Irish people can relate to. The video is great as well!

Cable Guy by Tierra Whack

Anyone who hasn't heard Tierra Whack's 'Whack World' album should really get around to it ASAP. There are 15 songs on the record, each is one minute long and every single one of them will get stuck in your head forever! Seriously, I could have chosen any track from this and it would have been just as good. I wish I could write hooks like this.

I Ain't Got Time by Tyler, The Creator


High on a Rocky Ledge by Moondog

A song about a man who falls in love with a flower on a high ledge on the edge of a mountain top.
No No No by Nancy Nova

The Lamb ran away with the Crown by Judee Sill

Numbers by Kraftwork

Forget About by Sibylle Baier


Malamente by Rosalia

Spain's foremost new pop star and one of the most exciting new voices in pop. Amazing music, amazing production, amazing lyrics (if Genius translate is correct!, amazing videos and also, what a dancer!

Oh Baby by Micachu

Micah Levi can do everything.

Just Wanna Fuck Challenge by DJ Telly Tellz

Baiana by Barbatuques

Soon To Be Innocent Fun / Let's See by Arthur Russell

Meltybrains? play Other Voices Berlin this Thursday, 4th of July.