Lisa Hannigan - Fall & A Sail

Lisa Hannigan - Fall & A Sail

October 30, 2018

Another gem from the archives, it's one of Other Voices favourites...

For series 15 we welcomed back the enchanting Lisa Hannigan, performing songs from her sublime third album At Swim. A sparse and meditative record, upon its release At Swim was deservedly hailed for its "stunningly pretty songs" (The Guardian) and "triumph of understated versatility" (NPR).

From the church of St. James we are delighted to bring you two previously unseen videos from Lisa's set. 'Fall' is a haunting, impassioned song performed with captivating conviction. Opening with the stark lines "hide your horses, hold your tongue, hang the rich but spare the young", its a dark and sombre song best enjoyed in the bleak midwinter.

Lisa Hannigan - Fall

Video of Lisa Hannigan - Fall

We also have a bonus highlight from Lisa's second album Passenger. 'A Sail' is a song that addresses past relationships and regrets. Delivered with a heartbreaking sincerity, the pull of its mood is inescapable.

Lisa Hannigan - A Sail

Video of Lisa Hannigan - A Sail