Dingle | How To Get There

Dingle | How To Get There

November 28, 2015

A short travel guide to planes, trains and automobiles, penned by Dingle's own Juno King!

by Juno King

Whether you start you journey by plane, or by train, you finish by automobile - weather permitting. You don’t just go to Dingle by accident, it takes a commitment. A commitment musicians have been making to Other Voices for 14 years now. The truth is there is something very, very special about Dingle and something quite unique about Other Voices” – Philip King, Executive Producer.

Herein lies a practical guide for everyone who needs some tips on reaching the heartland of Other Voices, the beautiful Dingle Penninsula on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. Be warned, you may never want to leave such is the level of craic to be had – Dingle does that to even the most prudent of people.

West Kerry, also known as The Kingdom, is a place renowned for its physical beauty and rich culture of music, language, literature and poetry. It is a romantic and mystical place. If you haven't been there think Narnia, think the Shire or similar fantastical places – it’s also the home of the friendly dolphin, Fungi! No wonder many of the world’s finest artists, poets, writers and actors have retreated there to find inspiration and refuge. A magical place conducive to creativity and great music, with a unique sense of peacefulness and serenity that lingers in the air.

Dingle is also infamous for craic and general mischievous behaviour, all of which increase exponentially when the Other Voices circus rolls into town. If you have never ventured to Other Voices before you are in for a very special experience and if you have, well you know the scéal.

Other Voices

Now, for the practical travel advice!

In this day and age it is safe to assume that the majority of us will have the godsend of an app that is Google Maps; a trustworthy friend, that has put a welcome end to to the dark days of awkward map fumbling and ensuing rage. That being said, the further west we go the sketchier our blessed 3G gets. In such an event, the following directions may come in handy.

From Dublin

By Car:

Take the N7 to Limerick. From Limerick take the N20 to Tralee. From Tralee follow the signs for Blennerville/Dingle. From Blennerville you have two options. The first, which is the quickest, is to take the Conor Pass mountain pass to Dingle. The second is to go through Camp village. Be warned, if you have a serious fear of heights, are prone to vertigo and are a first time driver the Conor Pass might not be for you. However, it must be noted that when you reach the downward stretch of the Conor Pass and see beauteous Dingle nestled below, it truly is a sight to behold.


You can also take the train to Dingle - well part of the way. There are regular trains from Heuston to Tralee, which takes approximately four hours. From Tralee station you can get a bus direct to Dingle town, which takes an hour.


A bus runs from Busaras to Dingle. There are two changes, one at Limerick and one at Tralee. Take heed, it is not the quickest of option taking a hefty 7 hours. Although, with a good playlist, solid reading material and tasty snacks the time will fly by. Better still if your pals are on board. Bus bants a plenty!

From Cork


Regular trains go from Cork (Kent Station) to Tralee, taking approximately two and a half hours. Note: you must change trains at Mallow. From Tralee station hop on the Dingle bus. Bada bing bada boom.


Regular buses run from Cork (Parnell Place) to Tralee. From Tralee you must then change to the Dingle bus. This takes three and a half hours approx.

From Galway


A regular train from Galway runs to Tralee. It’s a fair old journey taking approximately 6 hours. Depending on which train you take there will be either two or three changes to make before landing in Tralee. From Tralee you must then hop on the Dingle bus which takes a further hour.


Again there are regular buses from Galway City’s central bus station to Tralee. The journey to Tralee takes approximately five and half hours. From Tralee take the Dingle bus which takes a further hour.

Dingle is the beating heart of Other Voices and is the reason Other Voices is so distinct from every other music festival and event in the world. You feel the magic as soon as you arrive and meander through its narrow toy town streets with music wafting through the air.

We're looking forward to welcoming you all on Friday the 5th of December for one of the most wonderful times of the year. It’ll be one hell of a hooley! See you in Dingle.

- Juno King.