The Big Moon

A few things have changed for Mercury-nominated, alt-pop four-piece The Big Moon, since you last saw them. Most notably; they’ve gained one very tiny new member.

Started in the middle of lockdown, and the majority recorded when frontwoman Jules Jackson was six months pregnant, their upcoming third album ‘Here Is Everything’ has been on a journey alongside The Big Moon themselves. Finished when little baby Moon turned nine months old, the album captures an enormous period of change for the band: a time of uncertainty, of global unrest, pregnancy and new motherhood – but all bound together by the unbreakable ties between Jules, bassist Celia Archer, drummer Fern Ford and guitarist Soph Nathan. ‘

Here Is Everything’ is just that: four women laying it all out on the table.

When touring for their Top 20 second album, ‘Walking Like We Do’ (released, January 2020) came to an abrupt stop, the band found themselves locked down physically apart for the first time since the group’s inception in 2014. Each dealing with their own set of struggles thrown up by the pandemic – concern for loved ones and an uncertainty at the future – Jules optimistically began writing what would form album number three. ‘Here Is Everything’ is a diary, a real time account of what it’s like to discover you’re pregnant during a global pandemic, grow a human inside you, and give birth: all the while feeling the many anxieties that accompany that experience. It’s a record about feeling your way through the unknown, leaning on your friends to help guide you.

“There were times when it was really hard to write, and you can really hear that in some songs,” admits Jules. Being pregnant over lockdown came with its own set of unique anxieties, that many new parents will be able to relate to. “I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What even is going to be here for you?’” she explains. “Like, what even is this place?”

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