Ezra Williams

Ezra, a 21-year-old songwriter and musician from Cork, Ireland, first gained attention with their debut single "Thinking of You" released while still in their teens. Since then, they have independently released two EPs and several singles, amassing over 80 million Spotify streams in total. Their music has been influenced by artists like Fiona Apple, Soccer Mommy, and Indigo De Souza.

Ezra Williams is set to release their debut album, "Supernumeraries," on June 16th via AWAL. The album delves into the complexities of forming relationships on the Autism spectrum, offering a unique perspective and pushing the boundaries of what it means to write a love song. The latest single from the album, "Bleed," is out now, showcasing Ezra's masterful songwriting with softly affecting vocals and stripped-back yet intense instrumentation.

"Supernumeraries" was inspired by various life experiences, with Ezra shedding past relationships and fractured friendships. The album was mostly self-produced, with additional contributions from their friend Jacky, and recorded in various locations, including toilets in a shopping center and on the DART rail network in Dublin. The album dwells in an introspective headspace, exploring themes of anxiety, disconnect, and self-examination.

In addition to their musical achievements, Ezra has also proven their live ability with support slots for Orville Peck, Jungle, and Pillow Queens. They will be playing a headline show at The Social in London in April, followed by the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition in 2023. With their debut album "Supernumeraries," Ezra Williams continues to make their mark as a talented and introspective musician, offering a fresh perspective on relationships, identity, and self-exploration.