Banríon are a Dublin-based four-piece embracing the 90s rock revival with their jangly guitar sound and vocals. Songwriter R√≥is√≠n N√≠ Haic√©ad's lyrics deftly and gently tackle her own experience with disability, love, & the ever-changing city they live in and are cursed to love. With echoes of indie giants such as Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail and Alex G, Banr√≠on have been dubbed as ‚Äòone of the most thrilling forces in Irish indie-rock‚Äô by Hot Press.

Their first EP, Airport Dads, earned them local recognition and a loyal fan base. They’ve spent 2022 making up for time lost during the pandemic; touring with Pillow Queens, playing a series of Dublin DIY shows and writing and recording their new EP. Banríon's second EP, 'Dare To Crush', will be released in early 2023, already preceded by the roaring alt-rock single 'fooling'.

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