London, summer, 2009: The xx arrive with their debut album XX ? a whole new sound of love, loss and longing. The xx are four kids who formed at London?s Elliot School in 2005 with Romy Madley Croft (lead vocals, guitar), Oliver Sim (lead vocals, bass) and Jamie Smith (beats, samples) are edging into our hearts.

Their unique make-up is a second nature marriage of 2009?s urban/guitar tribes, in one corner fluttering new wave inspired reverberation, in the other, plumes of textured, post-dubstep sub-bass and figuratively, their defining core of rich R&B vocal textures. Their debut album XX was released on XL Recording?s bleeding edge Young Turks imprint (Holy Fuck, Gang Gang Dance, El Guincho).
The band is currently touring all over Europe and America.