Why Other Voices doesn't sell tickets:

Every year, a lot of you wonder why we don’t sell tickets for the Church performances at Other Voices. The reasons for this are many and we’ll try to explain it best we can.

    Firstly, we want everyone to have an opportunity to see the Other Voices Church performances and so we think the fairest way to let everyone have a piece of the pie is to give away tickets through competitions. We don’t just give them away on Facebook or Twitter, we always run competitions with local and national radio stations, through Music Trail Registration, and also local and national print media and we make all competition information available on our website as soon as we have it.

    Having said that, Other Voices is not just a music festival, it’s primarily a television production, it always has been and so it’s not fair to ask you to pay for a show that will have a full camera crew in front of the stage stopping and starting the artists until they get the right camera angle, the right sound, the right light! We’re in search of perfection and sometimes perfection can be a little bit disruptive!

    We could ask you to pay for tickets and we know that they’d sell out in seconds if we did. We’re hugely lucky to attract such a mob of faithful fans that we just don’t want you to have to pay to see the show. For those of you who don’t win tickets, we always stream the Church shows live to various indoor / outdoor / alcoholic / non-alcoholic locations to make sure that no one misses the action. We love the show we make, we’re proud of it and we want everyone to see it!

    While we’ve got your attention, we should also let you know about why we don’t announce the day-to-day lineup until quite close to the event. It’s not that we’re trying to torture you or mess with your travel plans! We know you all want to come to see your favourite band playing but the whole ethos of Other Voices is to introduce you to new music. If you happen to see Marina and the Diamonds, the National or Elbow playing, great, but that’s not the point… we want you to come along no matter who is playing and discover the wealth of relatively unknown talent that we bring with us. In short, if you come for the music, you won’t be disappointed, we’ll provide you with more music that you can shake a stick at