TOUTS is a three-piece teenage punk band from Derry, Northern Ireland. The unhinged, angry and visceral teens are Matthew Crossan, Jason Feenan & Luke McLaughlin. “TOUTS WILL BE SHOT” an all to familiar slogan on the walls of Northern Ireland, which preached fear in the hearts of communities has now been reclaimed by three teenagers. They’ve harnessed Stiff Little Fingers Jake Burns’ infamous lyric about an ‘Alternative Ulster’ with a modern interpretation, one that shoots fire at anything that stands in its way be it political or not.

The band’s live reputation in Northern Ireland has spread like wild fire and has seen them sell out venues to masses of kids throughout the province without releasing any music. There’s a revolution on the dance floor and on the street and they will be chorused by the debut singles ‘Sold Out’ and ‘Political People’ from Touts.