David Balfe makes his live debut with vital musical project For Those I Love on Other Voices

Dublin multi-instrumentalist, producer and visual artist David Balfe conceived of For Those I Love as a solo project when he was still a member of punk band Burnt Out. 

Its purpose was to capture the tight-knit friendships – that is, the beauty of the relationships that exist between groups of young men that often go unspoken. 

Balfe’s spoken word vocal style is delivered over arrangements that blur the lines between left-field, skittering electronica and alternative rap, set against poetic, honest lyricism informed by a restless childhood and young adulthood. His heavily accented delivery and penchant for familiar Dublin cadences means the writing can only be set in one place, elevating his forthcoming debut album among the great modern works set in the city.


You can watch For Those I Love's full Other Voices perofrmance now worldwide on the RTÉ Player: https://bit.ly/3w4ciLV


For Those I Love | Top Scheme | OV Series 19