Seamus Fogarty

Seamus Fogarty grew up in Co Mayo in the west of Ireland and spent his early years writing songs about mountains that steal t-shirts, women who look like dinosaurs and various other unfortunate incidents.

“You  know  when  a  song  is  good  enough  to  let  go,”  muses  Seamus  Fogarty  of  his  patient  and  meticulous  approach  to  songcraft.  Over  time  and  tide  it’s  given  rise  to  the  London-based  Irish  alt-folk  and  electronica  alchemist’s  truly  magnificent  second  album  and  Domino  debut  The  Curious  Hand. 

A  record  made  through  open-spirited  collaboration  with  friends  and  family  and  hours  lost  in  a  headphone  world.  All  that  and  Seamus’s  natural  inclination  to  take  his  songs  and  “screw  them  up,”  as  he  puts  it.  By  which  he  means  squirreling  them  back  to  his  home  studio  and  applying  the  synthesiser  drones  and  circuit  burps,  found  sounds  and  spoken-word  audio  samples  that  give  all  of  his  records  such  wonderful  atmosphere.  It’s  as  if  they’re  haunted  by  rogue  half-tuned  signals  from  another  world. 

Seamus will be bringing his unique sound home to Mayo for Other Voices Ballina in September but first we get a taste of him at Electric Picnic.