A guitar player since the age of seven who now counts Dave Grohl among his fans, Wolverhampton's Scott Matthews has received glowing reviews for his sublime debut album 'Passing Stranger' - one of 2006's hidden treasures that might not stay hidden too much longer. And the story of how Matthews got to this point is one that offers hope to aspiring singers everywhere.

Before the album, the major label scramble for his signature and the personal request by Grohl to support the Foo Fighters, Matthews decided to record a demo of his song 'Passing Stranger' and press it on to 20 CDs. One of these copies was given to Martin Davies, who had seen one of Matthews' early gigs. Davies was so impressed he became Matthews' manager and brought the track to his friend, Marco Thomas, once of 1980s band Felt. Together they set up a record label, San Remo, and put the plans in place for the making of Matthews' debut.

Beautifully recorded by Birmingham-based producer Jon Cotton, 'Passing Stranger' reveals an intoxicating range of influences - from the masters of slide guitar to epic and Eastern sounds - which recalls another one of Wolverhampton's native sons, Robert Plant. There's a depth and richness to his vocals and music which suggests that Matthews has the ability to take his music far beyond the singer-songwriter genre he currently finds himself in. All this, and he's only been writing songs seriously since 2002.