Sarah McBriar

Sarah McBriar is the founder and creative producer behind the festival and conference AVA.

After six years spent studying and working in Manchester for the likes of Manchester International Festival and The Warehouse Project, Sarah McBriar moved down to London in 2013 to undertake an MA in Creative Producing. During her postgrad studies the team behind Glastonbury’s Block 9 enlisted her to work for six months on everything from the area’s curation to team building and post-event work. With this newfound experience in the world of large-scale festivals, McBriar applied for a grant to start her own festival & conference in Belfast, entitled AVA.

Over the past three years AVA has evolved from a fledgling concept into a global brand, now running events across mainland Ireland, Amsterdam, and Mumbai. The predominantly techno-focused festival is one of few to foster collaborations between musicians and digital visual artists, and its massive conference programme provides the vast amount of emerging talent in attendance with an abundance of educational content and networking opportunities.