Q&A - Le Galaxie

We caught up with Le Galaxie ahead of their performance on the Other Voices stage at Latitude Festival to find out a bit more about life on the road and their new album Le Club.

Since the release of their debut album, Le Galaxie have played in clubs, fields, tents, countries, cities, parties and raves; bringing their infectious dance tunes and high energy shows to the masses. We had a quick chat with the band about their new album Le Club and life on the road ahead of their headline performance at the Other Voices Stage on the Friday night of Latitude Festival. This is one gig not to be missed. Bring your dancing shoes!

OV: Which three words would you use to describe Le Galaxie?

LG: Planes, trains, and automobiles.

Congratulations on the new album, Le Club! How long was it in the making? 

All told it took about 18 months, but purely because we're very bad at not touring! It's our lifeblood and taking a break to get the album finished is hard for us. It was actually finished a whole year before it came out - we really wanted to wait until we had everything in place to give the record the best chance we could. We are so relieved to finally have it out, and the response has been amazing.

How did the collaborations on the album come about? 

We're always keeping an eye out for vocal collaborators, and mostly it's people we've seen or met from being out doing shows. We keep them all in the back of our mind until we've written something that we think will really suit.

If someone was not (yet) familiar with Le Galaxie, which song should they listen to first? 

Mmm. Tough one. It's not entirely representative of us, but Love System has certainly been a calling card for us, and it's actually going to be our next single too.

What are you looking forward to at Latitude Festival?

On festival days like this all we can think about is getting on stage, everything is focused on that. It's a day of anticipation until you get on stage. That said, we're looking forward to Caribou, Toro Y Moi, and of course the other bands we're sharing the Other Voices stage with - ALL TVVINS, Fight Like Apes and Jape.

Le Galaxie have had a great 2015 already with gigs at SXSW, The Great Escape and Cannes. What has been your favourite international stop so far and why? 

We've had so many good live experiences this year, and it's been amazing to get the chance to travel and play in a lot of new places. That said, The Great Escape was particularly great for us. In particular our second show in a rammed basement just opposite Brighton pier was an unexpected thrill.

What’s the best thing about being on tour? 

Probably an obvious answer, but the shows themselves! You spend a lot of the time in vans and roadside hotels, but when you get on stage it's all worth it. Travelling and seeing places you've never been before is great too - going to a rodeo in Texas or ending up at parties in random stranger's houses in Los Angeles is unforgettable.

Which artists have you been enjoying this year? Do you have any good recommendations for OV fans?

Shamir, Ariel Pink, Mac Demarco, Leftfield, Jamie XX, Kiasmos, Blanck Mas and The Juan Maclean.

Q&A by Anna Job

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