Q&A - All Tvvins

Other Voices is thrilled to showcase this Irish act on the rise at Latitude Festival. Keep your eyes peeled, this is one band not to be missed.

All Tvvins create music that is a fusion of distorted vocals, guitars, synthesizers and rhythms - almost tropical in style. The band, which began as an accidental side project, is made up of Conor Adams (Cast of Cheers) and Lar Kaye (Adebisi Shank). Their infectious tunes and memorable performances quickly gained attention from fans and media alike and led to opening slots for acts such as Editors and Jungle. Earlier in the year, All Tvvins where selected to perform at SXSW as part of First Music Contact's Music From Ireland initiative and recently embarked on European and UK tours of their own. 

OV: You’ve both come from well-known and loved Irish bands. How, when and why did you team up to create All Tvvins?

Lar Kaye: We are both very proud of our past musical projects, All Tvvins came together without much thought, I had been a massive fan of Conor and we both met out one night at a show in town, we both got chatting and said it would be fun to try work together. We started playing around with loops and effects in my house later that week and we just kept it going from there!

Have you played Latitude Festival before? Are you looking forward to playing the Other Voices Stage?

I’ve never played Latitude before but I have heard really great things about the festival so I’m very excited. As far as the Other Voices stage it has a really strong line-up so am looking forward to playing and watching as many bands as possible, haven't seen Richie Jape in a while and his live show is always cool, very excited to see Young Fathers and Rozi Plain too. We’re only in on the Friday sadly but there’s a lot of stuff I want to see that day like Caribou, Jon Hopkins and Wild Beasts. Spoilt for choice really!

How was the UK tour? What were your favourite stops?

The tour was great! It was really good for us to get out there as this was our first UK tour. Field Day in London was one of the highlights for me just because it was an amazing day and the line-up was really strong, I also love New Slang in Kingston and the team there, but every show and city has something special about it and we really enjoyed every show.

All Tvvins first gained attention with an earworm of a tune called Two Worlds. Where has that recording gone?

Yes, that was the first piece of music we put online, I think Conor and I felt that we had just moved from that musically, it was still early days so we wanted to focus more on the newer stuff we were writing which was more exciting to us both.

Let’s talk guitars. Which ones are you using at the moment?

At the moment my main guitar is a Fender Cyclone (Mexican). I bought it a few years ago and now I just can't imagine playing anything else, I don't think they make them anymore so I’m pretty happy to own one, as a backup I have a Fender Mustang and a Squire Jagmaster

Someone hands you a blank cheque for Thomann. What’s on your shopping list? 

I’m pretty happy with everything I use at the moment but I would probably get a load of delay pedals and synths for big space jams!

Imagine you’ve just met someone who hates music. Which albums do you give them to change their mind?

Personally, hmmmmm that’s a tough question but today I’ll say…

a.      M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

b.      Brian Eno - Music for Airports

c.      Talking Heads - Remain In Light

d.      Bjork - vespertine

e.      Nirvana - Nevermind 

When can fans expect All Tvvin’s debut album?

Fingers crossed, I think the album will be ready close to the start of next year. It’s starting to come together and get into shape, we have been working really hard at making it right so we are looking forward to people being able to listen to it.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We have a load of festivals coming up over the summer and we are heading to the UK to record more tracks for the album, that’s going to keep us busy for the next while anyway!

Interview by Anna Job