If life is but a dream, and it could be, it can also be a nightmare. In 2016, pop music needs some reality.

“We all wanna bounce around sometimes with our roof-top down,” says Pixie Geldof. “But realistically? That's not always your situation in life. Sometimes you wanna hear from people who know about that situation, too.”  Forget everything you think you know about Pixie Geldof; the famous family, the fashionable friends. Her debut album, I'm Yours, is a spectral, luscious, spectacular dream-pop revelation, a glistening sonic flow of melancholy beauty and undertow depths, of woozy wanderlust and powerfully exorcised pain. Beguiling, orchestral and ecstatic, it's also bursting with anthemic joy.  “I'm Yours represents every single human I've ever loved in my life,” she explains. “Songs of love in every form, platonically, family, in romance. I'm a part of these people's lives and I'm theirs in any capacity they need me.”

I'm Yours is a testament, in fact, to how much we don't know about Pixie Geldof, third daughter of Bob Geldof, accidental model, lead singer/song-writer with her early 2010s grunge band Violet, who’s been writing songs on-the-quiet, all this time, her tentative musical ambitions now stunningly fulfilled in this sumptuous collection of contemporary left-field pop. A glistening soundscape, these are lovelorn paeans inspired by the music she's loved forever, from Mazzy Star in the 90s, to the ghostly guitars of the country greats, to the gossamer wash of Warpaint today. They're also emotionally brave. While no memento mori (there are sexy songs, too) she hasn't hidden from her personal reality. Two years on from the sudden death of her beloved sister Peaches and I'm Yours sweeps away the curtains to the windows of sorrow and loss, most directly in Twin Thing, a haunting guitar-led shimmer which serves as hypnotic lyrical hymn. “Into the wave where you're going, I watch you falling down... Wish I'd known you like my own skin, so I could feel the hurt you were in/Wish we had that twin thing...”

“Loss has happened to everyone I've ever met,” notes Pixie. “Every single person on this Earth understands that when the person's gone, in any capacity, divorce, a death, you wake up and you are smacked with it every day for the rest of your life. You just are.”