Swedish indie popsters Peter, Björn & John have to be credited with bring whistling, once again, back to the mainstream. Last summer's catchy 'Young Folks', the first single from their delicious third album 'Writer's Block', combines whistling, bongos and the gorgeous voice of former Concretes lead singer Victoria Bergsman. That, and the song's great animated comic book video, brought the threesome to attention far outside Sweden. Peter Morén and Björn Yttling met as teenagers and played together for eight years before meeting John Eriksson in 1999. Their home-recorded self-titled debut album was released two years later to a positive response from local press while songs like 'Matchmaker' and 'People They Know' became favourites with the indie pop crowd. 2004 saw the band follow up with the more complete, mature and darker 'Falling Out', which also got a US release in 2005. 'Writer's Block', the first album to showcase all three members as songwriters and on lead vocalist duties, sees the band take on a new musical direction, which has included appearances on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', 'Young Folk' featuring on 'Grey's Anatomy' and international tours which include Australia, America and Japan. No longer Sweden's best kept secret, Peter, Björn & John are ready to bring their blend of 1960s pop and new wave early 1980s to the world.