Formed after graduating from Glasgow University in the early 1980?s by guitarist and frontman Paul Buchanan, bassist Robert Bell and keyboard player Paul Joseph Moore, Blue Nile is one of those rare bands that evoke such passion and loyalty in its fans. The bands debut album , A Walk Across The Rooftops was released on Linn Records in 1984 and included 2 singles ? Tinseltown In The Rain, and Stay. Some 23 years after The Blue Nile hatched the seductive blend of late night romance and technology rendered humane that was their masterpiece ?Hats?, the group?s chief songwriter Paul Buchanan has released his debut solo album. Titled ?Mid Air?, it?s an extraordinarily intimate record, its spare piano and vocal-based arrangements unfurling at a meditative pace. Thirteen of its fourteen tracks are less than three minutes long, but rest assured all life is here. Buchanan?s beautifully bruised voice remains a faithful conduit of all things emotive, and Mid Air was written from a place of humility and wee-small-hours contemplation.

Performances by Paul Buchanan