Pól McLernon

I come from a place where there is no dividing line between mythology and history.


The story of this place is often not linear or focused, lacking in logic and continuity.  My stories are often sculptures that help me navigate this unknown, metaphysical world. They are woven fragments of form and frequency set in the present, very often they are connected with physical features in the landscape and equally their negative dynamic form, that of the sound of the wind against.


I take an injured instrument and stitch it to the ordered landscape, tensioning it in a altered state between ground plane and point. The instrument stands in solitude with a first hand knowledge of the world of vibrations now sounding it. It is playable, tensioned with piano wire, but also being played always by the orchestra of vibrations we inhabit. The threshold for its story is met when ear is placed against the sounding body of the instrument itself, here I often act as interlocutor in guiding these moments into being. The vivid otherworld is conjured for the individual in this intimate revelation and act of listening, so too is their part in it.  The perception of their abode in the landscape, moving in this landscape for a moment perhaps reiterates the course of the myths.