Little Green Cars

Dublin band, Little Green Cars, a quintet of 20-year-olds with a habit of waxing deadly serious about their ever-expanding ambitions — convened in 2008 in a bungalow in Stevie Appleby's parents' backyard for as ordinary a reason as any: as the frontman admits sheepishly, they wanted to win a battle of the bands competition. With guitarist Adam O'Regan and bassist Donagh O'Leary friends since primary school, and the rest having met in secondary, the five rehearsed for the gig, at which they promptly lost out to another local band. In 2010, not long before they left school, then-rising manager Daniel Ryan found them at one of their sparse live gigs. With just one client already under his wing, he approached the quintet with a terrifying yet exhilarating ultimatum: Do you want to go to university, or do you want to really be in a band? "That was the first time we considered looking that far ahead," says guitarist/vocalist/primary songwriter Faye O'Rourke. "We were trying to avoid thinking about the future because of the prospect of college, but…" "Stevie and I never did anything in school. Ever, ever, ever," says O'Regan, only half-joking. "Certainly, we put all our eggs in one basket. People always teach you that you've got to have something to fall back on, but we figured, by that logic, if we put everything into music, it can't fail. So, that's what we did." For two years they redoubled their efforts, crafting a wide-eyed musical narrative that mirrored their evolution as an ensemble until, inevitably, label suitors began to knock. 


The Dublin band’s debut album, Absolute Zero, released last year, is loaded with well-produced versions of their deft harmonies and exquisite songwriting. The songs express angst, darkness and humour. Having sold out gigs in Whelans, The Button Factory, VIcart Street and the Iveagh Gardens, this Dublin band are hugely popular and never fail to wow a crowd-especially on their homw turf. 

They're no strangers to Other Voices, having graced our stages in both Dingle and Derry. They will play an OV exclusive performance on Friday of Electric PIcnic at our stage. What a treat! 

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