Two years ago, Steve and his childhood friend Mark Prendergast helped each other through respective recent break-ups by shaping their thoughts into songs about love and loss. Teaching each other the principles of songcraft, the music they came up with isn?t wan or introspective or self-serving. Currently maintaining an air of understated mystery (their Facebook bio states, merely, ?we?re four lads in a band?), Kodaline are soon set to unveil themselves to the world with the four track The Kodaline EP - recorded with Steve Harris (producer for Dave Matthews band, mixer for U2); four tracks that are bold, epic and stirring and the perfect introduction to a band who aren?t afraid of grand gestures. The band is made up of friends Steve, Mark and Vinny ? with the line-up being recently completed by bassist Jason Boland. Having spent two years doing nothing but writing, with just a belief in their talent keeping them afloat, Kodaline is their be-all and end-all. The band?s name, incidentally, means absolutely nothing for the moment ? they wanted something they could take ownership of. ?We made it up ourselves, but we later found out it?s a character on World Of Warcraft,? says Mark. ?I promise you, we?ve never even played the game. It?s just a bizarre coincidence.?

Performances by Kodaline