Join Me In The Pines

The man behind the moniker is Bell X1’s David Geraghty who released his debut solo album ‘Kill Your Darlings’ in 2007, to critical and fan acclaim. The album was also nominated for a Choice Music Prize that year. 2009 saw David return with his second solo offering ‘The Victory Dance’.

Join Me In The Pines released their debut album ‘INHERIT’ on 10th of October 2014. JMITP have unleased the incredible debut single ‘Joy Is A Lion’, the stunning song ‘Golden Guilt’, ‘Should Not Roam’ and now ‘At First Light’ is the fourth track to be uncovered from the album.

JMITP released their debut single ‘Joy Is A Lion’ earlier this year to two sell out shows in Dublin’s Unitarian Church and Coughlan’s in Cork and Summer festivals appearances.