Jenny Lindfors

Another new talent who had a great 2007, Jenny Lindfors released her debut album 'When the Night Time Comes' in March and the plaudits have been piling up ever since. Lindfors began writing songs at the age of six and playing guitar at age 12. By the age of 18 she was confident enough in her own talents to enter a Song of the Year contest, but it would be another eight years before her debut album emerged.

In between she studied television and video production, worked in Dublin venue the Temple Bar Music Centre and recorded an album with a full band. But she says the results were bland and overproduced and, having lost the fire for playing, turned to DJ'ing and the 9-5 instead.

It was when Lindfors contributed vocals to the soundtrack of the Irish film 'The Halo Effect' that her enthusiasm returned, an EP followed in 2005 and then 'Before the Night Time Comes'. Harking back to that Laurel Canyon sound of US records of the 1970s, it shows that all the false starts and downtimes in Lindfors' career served her well - her album has a flow and grace that you hear all too rarely now.