Jape is an Irish electronic rock band led by Richie Egan. Jape has released four albums to date and is the only artist to have won the Choice Music Price twice.

Over the last decade Richie and his band have been regulars on the Irish music scene and festival circuit, impressing audiences with their multifaceted beat driven electro
tunes. In 2012 Jape was one of the acts chosen to represent Ireland at Eurosonic 2012. Following the release of his last album ‘Ocean of Frequency’ Richie Egan moved from
Dublin to Malmo, Sweden.

‘The Heart’s Desire’ is the lead single from Jape’s fifth album ‘This Chemical Sea’. It’s an infectious track with a solid bass line, effervescent synths and a chorus lead by prominent piano chords that seep into your bones. The first single has set high expectations for the fifth album, which will be released in January 2015.