Described by RTÉ Radio One's Dave Fanning as "the only band in Ireland I can't pigeonhole" Interference return to 'Other Voices' having graced the show's first ever series. First emerging in the mid-nineties, Fergus O'Farrell's rock/folk/trad hybrid were rejuvenated by their 2002 appearance in Dingle where they appeared at the request of producer Phillip King and the show's then presenter, Glen Hansard. The performance was not only captured by RTÉ's cameras, but was also later released as a live album, marking only the band's second release. Sporadic in their output, O'Farrell's eponymous debut as Interference arrived in 1995, heralding a hypnotic string-heavy sound that was to both inspire and influence a host of his contemporaries - notably Mic Christopher, Glen Hansard and Damien Rice. Best sampled live, the charismatic O'Farrell has made only rare appearances in the studio. His last significant recording came in the shape of last year's Bickley O'Farrell mini-album 'All Your Life/ Sweet Love', which was a collaboration with David Bickley and released to much praise. Similar collaborative efforts have peppered O'Farrell's career. He has previously worked with Maurice Seezer, Gavin Friday, Steve Wall, Glen Hansard, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Nina Hynes, to name but a few. Last year saw him also take Interference on to the big screen as O'Farrell performed their song 'Gold' in John Carney's hugely successful 'Once'. A number of assorted live appearances followed with more of the same due this year. A succession of gigs is expected to follow their 'Other Voices' broadcast and will prove unmissable by all accounts. Best keep your ears (and your eyes) open.