Iarla O'LionÇ­ird grew up and learned his craft in the musical heartland of Cǧil Aodha in the West Cork Gaeltacht. The area was rich in singers and the 12 Ç? LionÇ­ird children were no exception. Their mother taught them many traditional songs, passed down from her own mother, and her sister, Elizabeth Cronin. Iarla began performing at the tender age of 5, his first radio broadcast was at age 7. From his iconic early recording of the vision song ƒ??Aisling Ghealƒ? whilst still a boy, through many recordings Oƒ??Lionaird established himself both as a masterful exponent of Sean NÇüs Song and as a pioneer in its renewal and development. 2011 sees the release of Oƒ??Lionairdƒ??s latest solo album "Foxlight" on Realworld Records.

Iarla has created a rich and mature work as producer Leo Abrahams returns Oƒ??LionÇ­irdƒ??s remarkable voice to the heart of the music. Featuring an array of collaborators including Jon Hopkins, Leo Abrahams, Sara Marielle Gaup of Adjagas, Geese and CaoimhÇðn Ç? Raghallaigh.