He is, as the song goes, a man you don’t meet every day. Andrew Hozier-Byrne, known to one and all as Hozier, is readily identifiable by his lengthy, slender frame and pre-Raphaelite locks.

Long gone are the days when he could walk around the streets of Dublin unrecognized and uninterrupted. That comfort zone of anonymity changed eight years ago when, in the aftermath of the release of his incredibly successful debut single, Take Me To Church (released in the autumn of 2013), his self-titled debut album took off like a missile. There was, Hozier soon discovered, no going back.

The demos, recorded between Hozier’s attic in his County Wicklow home and a few small recording studios in Dublin city centre, housed the song that would catapult him to fame. His self titled debut album 'Hozier' is now a global success and a multi-platinum selling record.

The latest album, Wasteland, Baby!, boasts a considerably higher pedigree, birthed as it was between recording studios in Dublin, London and the US (Chicago, Los Angeles). Co-produced by Hozier, Markus Dravs, Rob Kirwan, and Ariel Rechtshaid, the album’s 14 tracks (all original Hozier compositions) mark a major development in terms of songwriting and subject matter.

Despite having a Grammy nomination and a Number 1 US album under his belt since he first played Other Voices in 2013, Hozier hasn’t forgotten his roots, coming back to play the Church of Saint James for a surprise show in December 2020. 

Watch highlights of Hozier's Other Voices Series 19 performance here: https://bit.ly/3cr4Xgu

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