Currently holed up in a Dublin studio as they put the finishing touches to their much-anticipated second album, electronic wizards Halfset have long proved one of the more enthralling live acts on the gigging circuit.

Conceived in Dublin, the band's various members are no strangers to the local music scene. Cillian McDonnell was a former member of Jubilee Allstars and Hidden Fortress; Jeff Martin has released two well-received solo albums; Stephen Shannon is a respected producer/engineer, while the band is completed by multi-instrumentalist Sinead Nic Gearailt.

Employing a brace of experimental and complex instrumentation, the quartet initially conceived Halfset as a studio project, thinking their blend of programmed beats, analog synths, harp, trumpet, percussion and guitars wouldn't be feasible to take on the road.

However, so good was the dynamic within the group that the temptation to perform in front of a live audience couldn't be resisted - and thank God for that. Halfset are an often mesmerising live proposition creating sounds to get lost within.

Debut album 'Dramanalog' was released in April 2005 on Elusive Recording and is a veritable feast of electronic wonders. Produced, engineered and mixed by the band themselves, it took three years to complete.

Its follow up has taken a similar gestation period. The first fruits of the as-yet-untitled record have however began to emerge with the track 'Work' available on the band's Myspace page, signalling great things to come.