Le Kov (The Place of Memory) is the second solo album by Welsh singer-songwriter and musician, Gwenno Saunders and is sung completely in Cornish.

Created alongside long-term collaborator and producer, Rhys Edwards, with additional drum engineering by Gorwel Owen (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Super Furry Animals) and mixing and additional programming by David Wrench, it is an exploration of the individual and collective subconcious & the ‘dream state’, the myths and drolls1 of Cornwall, and the history of the survival of our lesser known Brythonic2 language. It’s also one of 2018’s most beautiful and stirring records, swirling with ancient myths and urgent modern themes.

So why choose to make an album entirely in Cornish, a language that fewer than a thousand people speak fluently? Gwenno explains “I was raised entirely in Cornish and Welsh, they were the only languages that we conversed in at home and so I’ve always viewed them both equally. When the time came to start thinking about recording again after touring my last album, Y Dydd Olaf,  it just felt like the most natural and obvious thing to do.”