When it comes to stage names, 20-year-old Sam Duckworth's isn't one you'd forget in hurry. But unlike many of his peers, his debut album shows there's far more to him than just a cool stage moniker.

Duckworth is one of those artists that the media loves to get excited about, his influences making him difficult to pigeonhole and offering opportunities for hacks to create entire new genres of music. He's been compared to Billy Bragg but, as his debut 'The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager' shows, his range of influences also takes in electronic music and the introspection of the US emo outfits who don't figure in the charts but have massive followings around the world. And while '...Chronicles...' is catchy throughout, Duckworth also reveals a level of insight in his lyrics which makes the listener do more than just hum along.

The danger of any young artist getting too much attention too soon is well-documented; after listening to Duckworth's take on life, however, you're in no doubt that he won't be letting any of it go to his head.