Eoin Duignan

Eoing Duignan is a Dingle based Uileann Piper. To date Eoin has released three very highly critically acclaimed CDs of his own compositions: Coumíneol, Ancient Rite and Lumina. Music from these CDs has featured in television programmes and documentaries for RTÉ, TG4 & the BBC. “Pagan Irish” is Eoin's latest offering. 

The new CD is a musical interpretation of the Fianníocht story Cath Finntrágha which dates back to the 12th century using mostly original tunes, two tunes from the Goodman collection and a few traditional tunes. Cath Finntrágha, known in English as The Battle of Ventry strand, is a major tale forming part of An Fhiannaíocht (a cycle of heroic saga originating in Early Medieval Ireland) the legends follow the exploits of the Fianna, a band of itinerant warriors charged with the protection of Ireland from invasion. Their leader is the great Fionn Mac Cumhail (Finn McCool), a warrior, seer, poet, hunter and lover.