Day Two at Other Voices 8 - Evening


First on….BellX 1 did a stripped back acoustic session – Dave on guitar, piano and harmonica, Paul on guitar and vox and Dom on bass. The boys performed many of their hit tracks including ‘The Great Defector’ and ‘Rocky Took A Lover’ and finished out their set with ‘Pinball Machine’, which was one of the songs they played on their very first Other Voices appearance, back in 2003.

Next up were The Antlers from New York City, who earlier on in the day did an acoustic session at The Celtic Prehistoric museum in the company of a giant iguana and the biggest mammoths head anywhere in the world. On the night, in the church, the band performed tracks from their current album Hospice, including the stunning ‘Sylvia’ and the heartbreaking ‘Bear’.

Conor J. O’Brien’s Villagers then took to the stage, playing a selection of tunes including ‘Home’ and the track ‘Down, Under The Sea’ which is taken from the debut EP The Hollow Kind. The set provided a tasty sample of what’s in store from his long awaited debut album, set for release early next year.

Finally it was the turn of The Magic Numbers, who’s melodic folk-pop offerings were hugely anticipated by the Other Voices crowd. They performed two of their biggest hits ‘Love Me Like You’ and ‘I See You, You See Me’, before treating the audience to some brand new tracks, which will feature on their next album.

The evening continued on in the pubs around Dingle, with many hitting Benners for the post gig commentary. Lots of local and not so local faces were spotted getting in the rounds including actor Aidan Gillen, he of the phenomenon that is The Wire and Tony Clayton Lea, hard metal fan and the Irish Times ‘man on the ground’ in Dingle! The Antlers boys had a pre dawn start, having to leave to catch a flight to Dublin first thing. Following a number of scoops in Benners, the lads insisted on waking up queen of artist liaison, the luscious Liz Murphy, to give her a signed copy of their record. They exited Benners to a round of applause in true Dingle fashion.

Villagers were holding court beside the fireplace for the night, apparently on their ‘Villagers Christmas Party’, though no-one could figure out who the boss was and why there was no Villagers tab set up behind the bar. Danny Villagers arrived back from a short bedroom visit resplendent in an Elf suit and entertained a much confused but amused room to his elfin impressions. No-one knows where the elf suit came from but rumour has it that he borrowed if off Philip King for the night. The band were ably assisted in their partying by two foxy Other Voices music PR ladies – Mary-Kate Murphy and Orla Breslin from Entertainment Architects, while Other Voices floor manager and general all round music legend Paddy McPoland was spotted bear hugging Imelda May in the main doorway of the hotel, in what can only be described as a ‘Dingle deathgrip’.