Day Six at Other Voices 8 with LOWMountain

There’s a saying about bringing the mountain to Mohammed, and all the implications of how difficult a task that might be, but trust me, there was no problem getting LOWmountain to make the journey...ok not quite to Mohammed...but certainly to the musical Mecca that Dingle becomes for that few days in early December when Other Voices is being recorded.

We were stunned to get a personal invitation from Mr. Philip King himself little more than a week in advance, but hey, if he’d called that morning I reckon we’d still have found a way to get there on time. He’d heard our song ‘Captive Blue’ and he wanted us to perform it for OV8. Alright then.

So, about seven days later, there we were, three of us sitting on small stools in a small room in a small pub in a small town in the furthest extremes of West Kerry – West Europe even. Strange enough for three West Cork heads, especially at 11.30am on a cold Thursday morning in December, and one of us already late for a plane – but then there was this film/sound crew pointing back at us. This was totally barmy.

But there was a buzz in this little room. We had the first slot of the day, so the anticipation was palpable on both sides – performers and crew alike. I’m not sure anyone knew quite what to expect, but then it happened. Shortly before the end of our first take, I heard that sound in the depths of Alan’s voice that always makes the hackles stand on the back of my neck. My God, he’d hit the zone already and was bringing Deirdre and I right in with him. This wouldn’t take long. One more take. Done.

From all at LOWmountain, thanks to the OV8 crew for creating such a brilliant atmosphere to work in. Bravo.