Day Four Other Voices 8 - Morning & Afternoon

THE LOST BROTHERS - SESSIONThe morning started bright and early with the wonderful Lost Brothers performing an acoustic session in the projection room of The Phoenix Cinema on Dykegate Lane. It was the perfect setting, hailing from a bygone era, a look that suits the quaint stylings of this great new Irish act. They performed ‘Who Could Love You More’ from their latest album Trails of the Lonely (Parts I & III) and chatted with Annie about future plans.

Oisin and Mark are staying with us in Dingle until the bitter end. They were telling Annie how they supported Richard Hawley on tour but never actually got the chance to hook up with him and are really looking forward to finally doing so at tomorrow night’s recording session.

Foxy John’s was the venue for an intimate acoustic performance with the legendary Brett Anderson. The Suede frontman performed the stunning ‘A Song For My Father’ from his Back To You EP. He spoke to Annie about the new album Slow Attack and how he enjoyed the complete freedom he had in making it, mentioning that he had made ten studio albums for a label and wanted to make this one for himself.

Jesca Hoop met with Annie in the Art Studio Gallery, where they chatted about her visit to Other Voices. It was Elbow’s Guy Garvey who encouraged her to play at Other Voices. Jesca lives in the same town as the legendary Tom Waits and it took her a year before she got the chance to perform in front of him. He subsequently described her music as ‘going swimming in a lake at night’. Jesca explained that she made the move from Los Angeles to Manchester for the seasons! Apparently there are no seasons in LA! Jesca performed an acoustic version of her beautiful song ‘Tulip’, which is taken from her new album Hunting My Dress.

Aussie indie darlings The Temper Trap rocked up to O’Flaherty’s Pub and shook the barstools with their take on Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’. Chatting to Annie, they explained how they all met when working in the same clothes shop. Annie asked after their sales skills to which Dougie replied ‘a very lazy one’. When asked if they were aware of Brett Anderson, Dougie said that Suede was the soundtrack of his youth.

It’s been a great day in Dingle, despite varying degrees of illness going round the Other Voices houses, many ailments admittedly self inflicted. Big up to Martin Byrne, the in-house homeopath. Well, he’s not really, he came to enjoy the musical feast – in a previous life, Martin was one of the most respected music publicists in the land – however, Martin foolishly revealed his homeopathic trade on day one of the Dingle gathering and has since been inundated with requests for cures and concoctions, potions and lotions to keep the dreaded lurgy at bay! We salute you Martin!TEMPER TRAP - SESSION

Right, it’s time for off! A quick bite in Ashes (if you can wrangle your way in!) and then it’s show time again!