Colm Mac Con Iomaire

Colm Mac Con Iomaire is a musician from Dublin, resident in Co.Wexford these past ten years.

He is a founder member of both Kíla and of The Frames. He has been an integral member of The Frames since the band started. He joined them in 1990 having met Glen Hansard while busking on Grafton Street in 1986. 

He has travelled the world many times over since then with the Frames, The Swell Season & Colm’s own musical project.

He released his critically acclaimed solo debut 'Cúinne an Ghiorria" - 'The Hare's Corner' in 2008.

While the Violin is very much Colm's first instrument he also plays most of the instruments on his album

(Cello, Guitar, Bozouki , Banjo etc). 

Instrumental music is Colm's main interest and his music draws on a wide range of styles and influences ranging from classical to traditional music, though his music has a unique sound all of it’s own. 

He is currently busy working on his first feature film soundtrack and plans to release a follow up to ‘The Hare’s Corner’ later this year.