Formed in Newry in the late 1980s by brothers Brendan, Declan and Paul Murphy, The 4 Of Us appeared out of nowhere in 1989 with the huge radio hit 'Mary', taken from their debut album 'Songs For the Tempted'. Wary of the transient nature of pop, the band's 1992 follow-up, 'Man Alive', was a more rock-driven album, featuring 'She Hits Me', a Top 30 hit in the UK.

After three years spent working on their next release, the band decided it just wasn't good enough and started over again. The 4 Of Us were also starting over, as Paul Murphy left to pursue a more normal existence, leaving brothers Brendan and Declan to soldier on with 'Classified Personal' (1999) and 2003's 'Heaven & Earth'.

Again unwilling to simply repeat a formula, the band set to work on the album that would eventually become 2006's 'Fingerprints'. Acclaimed for its depth, texture and insightful lyrics, it combines the band's strongest ever material with their most assured performances. The 4 Of Us - almost 20-years-old and still going strong.