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Philip King, Founder of Other Voices, and Eamonn Sinnott, Vice President and General Manger, Intel Ireland, have great pleasure in inviting you to the second annual instalment of IRELAND’S EDGE.

The Ireland’s Edge Conference will take place at the Skellig Hotel as part of the eir Other Voices Festival in Dingle on Friday December 2nd and Saturday December 3rd 2016.

The conference proposition is that there is an opportunity now for Ireland to think and act more strategically when it comes to integrating thinking and policy across areas such as creativity, arts, science, technology, education & learning, investment, economic & social development and, most importantly, Ireland’s relationship globally with the millions of people, particularly the diaspora communities, who have an affinity with Ireland.

Ireland’s Edge 2016 will therefore focus on how creativity drives the increasing interconnectivity between science, technology, engineering and mathematics with the arts. It will explore the ways in which the State can leverage this relationship to better compete internationally and embed Ireland’s reputation globally.

Expanding on last year’s conversation, Ireland’s Edge 2016 will further develop the discourse around the 21st century experience of emigration, the Irish diaspora, and the emerging drivers of cultural identity for the Irish overseas.

To bookend the commemorations, Ireland’s Edge will review 2016 — the evolution in our understanding of the Rising, the impact of the wide range of public, private, state and ceremonial celebrations and will look to the future of the 2016 Legacy Projects planned through 2017–2021.